The rise of e-commerce has created new opportunities for retailers worldwide, but it has also had significant repercussions on shipping emissions. As a leader in global transport and logistics, GEODIS understands that our business has an impact on the environment. That’s why we invest in the future.

Our multifaceted corporate social responsibility (CSR) policy encompasses the environment, society and ethics. At the heart of this policy is one of our company’s 7 Golden Rules: Be a good citizen. 

As good citizens, we aim to reduce our overall impact on the environment by improving carbon efficiency, reducing emissions of pollutants and optimizing the use of natural resources. We have committed to reducing our greenhouse gas emissions 30% by 2030 and have been steadily working toward this goal through our Oxygen Project, which targets the reduction of emissions at every organizational level.

We comply with ISO standards for environmental management, safety management and CSR, and we are proud to participate in an array of environmental initiatives, including the United Nations Global Compact, the EPA’s SmartWay, the Global Logistics Emissions Council and more alongside other industry leaders.

GEODIS City Delivery also creates solutions that accomplish our clients’ sustainability goals. The GEODIS Emissions Calculator allows users to assess the greenhouse gases and pollutants emitted by their choice of freight transportation in just a few clicks. With these numbers in mind, we can help clients optimize their supply chains to improve environmental performance. 


Retailers also play an important role in their own last-mile sustainability. As climate consciousness grows, consumers are increasingly aligning themselves with eco-friendly brands. Delivering goods in recyclable or compostable packaging sends a tangible reminder of a brand’s commitment to sustainable business practices. The action of recycling or composting helps customers feel like they are doing good for the environment, associating a positive experience with your brand. 

GEODIS has been recognized worldwide for our efforts to improve the environment. In 2018, our CSR practices earned a Gold rating from sustainability rater EcoVadis, placing us in the top 1% of 30,000 road freight transport firms. In 2019, our environmental performance received an A- score from CDP, a global nonprofit which provides data disclosures on the environmental action of companies and cities. Only 6% of companies ranked by CDP have been given a score of A- or higher. We are proud of our accomplishments in sustainability and look forward to making even greater strides to protect our planet in the future.


Sustainable supply chains have never been more important. Nearly 80% of consumers believe it is important for brands to be environmentally responsible, and companies across sectors predict that climate change will begin to affect their bottom lines within the next few years. Find out how GEODIS City Delivery can overcome your logistical constraints and become your partner for sustainable growth.

Gina Anderson

Written by Gina Anderson

Vice President of Solutions & Growth. Gina Manis Anderson is an experienced entrepreneur, executive and logistics expert who’s spent more than 30 years helping Fortune 500 companies optimize their supply chains. A skilled leader and influencer, Gina has earned the respect of a large professional network through her businesses successes and passionate leadership.