GEODIS City Delivery has always been at the forefront of utilizing innovative technology to offer customers fast and reliable last mile delivery solutions, which is why we recently announced our updated GEODIS Zipline technology that enables shippers to manage thousands of deliveries across the world each week. 



Crowdsourced delivery solutions have been all the rage for some time now, with experts predicting that at least 90% of retailers will use this mode of delivery to handle select orders by 2028. After all, customer expectations continue to grow, demanding faster, flexible service at a reduced cost.


Now retailers are leaving traditional warehousing solutions behind and opting for more innovative omnichannel solutions that allow the company to provide sustainable and satisfactory last mile delivery services. The next logical solution seems to be crowdsourced delivery, which leverages independent drivers to move products from the retail location to the awaiting customer. Food ordering services like DoorDash, GrubHub, and UberEats have all paved the way for brands to adopt similar solutions, and now they have a platform to work directly with, thanks to GEODIS City Delivery. 


Here’s how GEODIS Zipline works:


GEODIS developed its own digital platform that enables retailers to deliver goods such as retail items, health and personal care, and high-tech merchandise directly from the retail location to the customers’ door. 


Within this platform is a driver mobile application called GEODIS Zipline that connects its partner network with local individuals who are available to provide delivery services. 


After a rigorous selection process, GEODIS Zipline drivers may choose to take countless deliveries throughout the day, or only select deliveries that align with their daily commutes. These drivers have a live map with all available orders in the area and can work independently to fill these as they have time. 



Customers expect absolute transparency during the delivery process, so GEODIS Zipline closely monitors all deliveries through a centralized web application that offers both customers and drivers real-time data. Drivers can even chat with the GEODIS support center thanks to a messaging service directly in the Zipline app. 


Already the GEODIS Zipline app has been instrumental in managing thousands of deliveries each week across the United States. If experts are correct in their predictions, this number will continue to steadily grow in the years ahead.


For more information about GEODIS Zipline or any of the GEODIS City Delivery solutions, visit our website or schedule a demo to see the platform in action!

Gina Anderson

Written by Gina Anderson

Vice President of Solutions & Growth. Gina Manis Anderson is an experienced entrepreneur, executive and logistics expert who’s spent more than 30 years helping Fortune 500 companies optimize their supply chains. A skilled leader and influencer, Gina has earned the respect of a large professional network through her businesses successes and passionate leadership.