Green Supply Chain Management Practices

    Aug 7, 2019 1:37:16 PM / by Antoinette Maqueda

    Green supply chain management (GSCM) is exactly what it sounds like: greener, more environmentally friendly practices within supply chain management (SCM). The concept of SCM was introduced and popularized in the 1950s when manufactures found ways to minimize production costs through mass production. As competition heightened within the field, companies increased their awareness of “green” practices, therefore, acting in an ethically and socially responsible manner. 

    The concept of GSCM is to minimize or eliminate wastage including hazardous chemicals, emissions, energy, and solid waste al

    ong the supply chain. GSCM can additionally be an initiative to improve process and product performance based on requisites in environmental regulations, as well as reduce environmental risks whilst achieving both financial and environmental benefits concurrently. Today, intern

    ational trade and markets have adopted environmental practices to integrate into their daily business.

    How does GEODIS contribute to this? We have committed to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Much of our success lies in our ability to guide our environmental, social, and societal impact – just as much as lies in our fiscal performance. Ten years ago, GEODIS implemented the CSR policy to guide us in overcoming environmental challenges that the transport and logistics sector must overcome.  We monitor our environmental impact via key indicators and evaluations based on international standards. This year, GEODIS received a score of B- by CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project), a worldwide organization that measures environmental impact. The average across transport services is a D; while we are above average, there is still room to improve. At GEODIS, we are committed in using our own modeling tools and integrating them into our information systems to optimize the environmental impact of our client’s supply chains.


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    Antoinette Maqueda

    Written by Antoinette Maqueda

    Antoinette is a GEODIS Summer Intern within US Operations working under Nicholas Ferguson. She has previously worked for GEODIS last summer in US Operations under Randall Burnette. Antoinette is currently a junior at SUNY Orange studying Business Administration with a concentration in Supply Chain Management.