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    Transforming through Technology

    Nov 21, 2018 10:33:35 AM / by Diego De Anda

    In today's world, technology and information are an important part of logistics, customers continue to look for a better and faster response from their suppliers to make sure they are aware of the latest status on each of their shipments.

    New tools and innovations are needed to keep up as a key player in your industry. The want for on-demand products is creating a need to know. For example in the supply chain industry businesses want to know where their shipment is and when it will get to the customer. 64% of consumers and 80% of business buyers said they expect companies to respond to and interact with them in real time (source: Mobile applications help make this easier by providing notifications on shipping details in real time.

    84% of companies, who claim themselves to be customer-centric focus on the mobile device to give their customers a better experience (source: The shift towards using technology to enhance the customer experience is ever evolving.

    As part of this change, GEODIS has developed a tool that can help their customers be in touch with each of their shipments by creating not only a tool that can manage different type of networks at the same time, but also be on hand of the customer at all times in their mobile device.

    Geowl is a mobile device application that helps the customers to create different types of subscriptions, to help them track different types of pipes and also receive notifications right to their phone. The customers can know where their cargo is at all times without the need to go to a website each time they want the latest status of their shipments.

    These are the type of innovations that GEODIS is bringing to the market in order to be agile and precise when it comes to customers’ needs for faster and more accurate tracking of their network.


    Topics: supply chain management, innovation, customer satisfaction, transportation, mobile application, transformation

    Diego De Anda

    Written by Diego De Anda

    Diego is a Project Manager at GEODIS. He has a degree in International Business. He joined GEODIS 4 years ago and has experience in operations and new customer implementation.

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