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    Same Day Delivery in 2019

    Dec 5, 2018 6:18:44 PM / by Alex Rhodeen posted in customer satisfaction, transportation, B2C, same day, delivery, last mile, final mile, customer loyalty, retail trends


    With peak season upon us and same day deliveries from U.S. retailers achieving record volumes let's look ahead to the growth of same day delivery in 2019 and the opportunities for retailers.

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    The Next Level of Last Mile Delivery

    Apr 25, 2018 3:36:15 PM / by Alex Rhodeen posted in same day, delivery, last mile, final mile, B2C, customer loyalty, retail trends


    Customer expectations are growing in all aspects of the shopping experience and logistic companies are challenged to develop better solutions. Recently, at the Ecommerce Operations Summit in Columbus, Ohio Pulse Commerce presented data demonstrating the Amazon effect. There are many ways logistics, in particular last mile has changed due to Amazon. Before Amazon, customers only considered the online buying experience when choosing an online retailer.https://cdn2

    One effect of Amazon emerging as the leading online retailer is that customers now consider the after-purchase experience as crucial as the buying experience. Key components of the after-purchase experience are delivery and customer service. Agile, fast and free delivery services, real time information, returns and issue resolution are now essential to shopping along with the traditional price and online interactions. A positive experience in all aspects builds loyalty.
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