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    On-time Delivery and Visibility are Key for the Oil & Energy Industry

    Feb 13, 2019 10:20:41 AM / by Benjamin Vega posted in visibility, delivery, oil and gas, transportation, on-time delivery, International Oil

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    For companies, “time is money” and this is certain for oil and energy companies who have scheduled jobs to complete on certain dates according to extraction cycles. These cycles require alignment with specialized personnel in restricted areas, if the material does not arrive when the personnel is scheduled to work, there is nothing to do, wasting resources and valuable time. This scenario stresses the importance of material readiness and in transit visibility in real time, as it facilitates information on when they will receive the material. In the oil and energy business exists a sanction called “non-productive time” (NPT) and it means that when a segment or a job is not started or completed on time, the oil and energy company economically penalizes the party which caused it.

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