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    Hybrid Recycling: Converting a scrap laptop into a photo frame

    Nov 15, 2018 8:50:57 AM / by Enzo Sacchetti posted in reverse logistics, recycle, reuse, material recovery, tablet, dismantling, ewaste, dismantle


    Repurposing LCD screens from laptops into functional photo frames and monitors.

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    Dealing with Embedded Batteries in Electronic Devices

    Nov 1, 2018 1:05:19 PM / by Nate McCloskey posted in reverse logistics, recycle, lithium batteries, batteries, dismantle


    Enterprise mobility is becoming a common strategy for businesses to allow employees to work from remote locations while traveling.  This strategy involves the use of mobile devices that include smart phones, tablets, laptops and other small electronic devices. As these devices have evolved the use of embedded Lithium-Ion batteries has allowed these devices to be smaller and lighter while maintaining battery life.

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