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    Building the Customer Relationship

    Jun 4, 2019 11:23:13 AM / by Anastasia Marton posted in customer experience


    In a world full of emails, text messages, and Skype calls, the art of forming a lasting and solid customer relationship is dying. 20 years ago, many business deals were made over dinner, golf, or a charity event. Without face to face contact with your customer or spending quality time with them, the chances of the relationship lasting or being one of quality are slim to none. Texts and emails are impersonal and can lack substance. It is quick answers, often without much thought or time put into responses. There is also the issue of tone. So many people can misinterpret one email or text message because they are reading the tone of the email wrong. This causes a multitude of issues and can turn customers off, even if it was not done intentionally. One harmless misplaced comma could affect the simple dynamic of an entire relationship.

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