Supply Chain Transformation in the Oil & Energy Industry

    Apr 15, 2019 3:00:29 PM / by Adrienne Watts

    There is a very large ecosystem of supporting parties in the oil and energy industry including International oil and gas companies, National oil and gas companies, drillers, engineering companies, procurement companies and construction. In this episode we will talk about Supply Chain challenges these parties are facing and the associated trends.

    Listen to our Director of Global Business Development, Francois-Xavier Lanne and Global Account Manager, David Marshall speak with Adrian Gonzalez from Talking Logistics. They will deep dive into Supply Chain transformation: non digital and digital, defining core and non-core activities and  the 5 key options companies have to transform. 

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    Topics: Supply Chain Solutions, Transformation, Supply Chain Diagnosis, Supply Chain Optimization, Oil & Gas / Oil & Energy

    Adrienne Watts

    Written by Adrienne Watts

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