“Ride Along” to this Customer Experience

    Oct 4, 2019 9:00:00 AM / by Nicholas Ferguson

    When it comes to KPIs we are all on the same page: our client’s opinion is the most important feedback for any industry and business worldwide. Customer Experience has been THE concept over the last few years with consultants and companies developing new approaches and tools to measure, improve and drive innovation. There are myriad ways of evaluating it including online surveys, customer journey analysis, and referral programs.


    “Ride Along” to this Customer Experience

    The world of logistics is not remarkably different and with the continuous growth of next day and same day services, we must all take Customer Satisfaction very seriously. The feedback from clients and final customers could make or break any delivery experience and potentially influence the next opportunity. Have you ever wondered how something so subjective and personal can be evaluated properly? As it turns out, one of the most successfully tested methods is through a Ride-Along Program.

    This Program is as simple as it sounds. Select one of your employees to literally ride along with one of your suppliers for a day or two while they pick up and deliver shipments from the customer to their final destinations. With this real-time, first-hand experience, you are able to witness and understand the challenges and areas for improvement in service, cost or Customer Satisfaction from both the clients and the client’s client perspective. The main objective is, of course, to take a quantifiable action for development while aiming for true customer loyalty.

    It’s important to know exactly what to look for. That is why you should also develop an Observer Checklist created by your resident experts, while keeping the most important KPIs in mind. Among other things, the main points you should monitor are:

    • General details, such as understanding of the service requirements and relationship with the client
    • Overall driver’s behavior regarding their vehicle, driving skills, parking and procedures and general care of the product while in their possession.
    • Descriptions for areas of improvement with ownership assigned for follow up on each action.

    These three simple points of emphasis can help you collect all the information you need to truly evaluate your Customer Experience when it comes to special deliveries. But let me give you one last piece of advice: don’t ever forget that this kind of service is done by people, for people. This means that the human point of view is everything. To ensure that your Ride-Along is truly valuable, you should very carefully select the employees who are going to participate in the Program so they are objective – yes – but also emphatic and honest proponents of your business.


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    Nicholas Ferguson

    Written by Nicholas Ferguson

    Nicholas is the Supplier Relations Manager at GEODIS. Nicholas has more than 18 years in the United States Navy Reserves. He is coming to GEODIS Supply Chain Optimization with more than 13 years of experience in the Supply Chain Industry focused on White Glove Service. His career started with launching Racer Cartage & Logistics as the General Manager where he stayed for 7 years holding various positions within Operations. In May 2012, he was named the President of Operations for Racer Cartage & Logistics where he led in becoming the largest White Glove provider in the State of Indiana.