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    Recognizing Women in Logistics

    Mar 8, 2019 10:11:32 AM / by Elizabeth Corbett

    Gartner released a Women in Supply Chain Survey in partnership with AWESOME (achieving women’s excellence in supply chain operations, management, and education) in 2018 that showed sustained representation of women in the senior-most ranks of supply chain organizations. The survey also shows supply chain leaders leading initiatives to attract, retain and advance women.

    Supply chain leaders aren’t the only ones recognizing the benefits of women in the workforce. As the trucking industry struggles to solve the increasing driver shortage, many companies are taking a different approach to recruiting. The demographic community is widening as different organizations focus efforts on hiring veterans and recruiting young talent, however, there is one key demographic the industry is avoiding. According to the analysis from Omnitracs, women account for only nine percent of total drivers. There are many opportunities to recruiting women truck drivers and this does not stop at just filling driver positions. When you dig into the analysis, women are proven to be vital to organizations given their lower turnover rates, fewer accidents, and ability to drive longer distances.

    Data also displays that in the last year, women had fewer avoidable accidents with 2.77 accidents per 100 drivers versus men, who were involved in 3.38 accidents per 100 drivers. Women have also had fewer rollovers and rear-end collisions making them safer. In addition, past years data shows that women averaged 7,995 miles per month versus 7,383 miles logged by men. 

    Ultimately, hiring women in the trucking industry increases the fleets overall efficiency and productivity due to their lower accident rates and higher miles per month. It would benefit organizations to further expand their recruiting reach to the female demographic. Not only can hiring women aid in solving the trucking shortage but can bring significant advantages to the business and trucking industry.

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    Elizabeth Corbett

    Written by Elizabeth Corbett

    Elizabeth is the US Operations Supervisor at GEODIS. She has been with the company for 4 years, previously working for another logistics company specializing in ocean shipments out of Latin America. Liz also managed our high tech client's supply assurance team for inbound shipments. She always puts the customer first to exemplify the GEODIS value "We are committed to our clients".

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