Realities and Misconceptions of 4PL Relationships

    Jun 11, 2018 9:51:56 PM / by Danielle Pecoraro

    What differentiates a 4PL relationship from that of a 3PL? Vice President of Business Development for GEODIS’ Supply Chain Optimization line of business, Matt Lewism and Founder/Host of Talking Logistics, Adrian Gonzalez, discuss what companies should be looking for when pursuing a 4PL relationship. Organizations that are managing a complex global supply chain are often in search of partners with more leverage on logistics spend as well as looking to reduce complex procurement processes. Watch this video for more on the topic!



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    Topics: Supply Chain Solutions, Supply Chain Management, 4PL, Supply Chain Optimization, Cost Savings

    Danielle Pecoraro

    Written by Danielle Pecoraro