Processes Are Important to Success

    Apr 24, 2020 12:00:00 AM / by Jason Vanzante

    It is important for organizations to invest in developing properly balanced processes.  They are a pillar of any successful organization that is growing and they work hand-in-hand with people and systems.  Making sure we understand who, what, and how long things can take can bring clarity.  

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    Having properly established processes will help your organization act efficiently, improve productivity, reduce human error, and improve agility.  The structure that processes bring help improve the pace the organization can operate.  Sprints are more productive and marathoners reach the finish line.

    Unfortunately, processes are often given a back seat in the name of speed and agility which then leads to disappointing results against expectations.  When we sit back and assess why our expectations weren't met, it often comes back to the lack of process.

    Make sure that you set yourself up for success by committing to talking about the processes involved in your planning and execution.  Ensure your people are aware of them and that they are properly developed. If they aren't, invest in getting them developed with the right balance.  With the right approach, you'll make sure to win every race…

    We leverage recognized standards when it comes to business process management and the management life cycle.  We capture the value of clearly communicating what should be done, by whom, and by when.  We stand on these foundations and continually #keeprising.  Do you?

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    Jason Vanzante

    Written by Jason Vanzante

    Jason is a certified Project Management professional and an experienced manager with over 20+ years’ experience. Creating an environment that promotes trust, pride, honesty, openness and enthusiasm. Jason leads the Americas regional business transformation team for the previous four years and has a demonstrated track record of delivering a wide range of organizational projects and client implementations.