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    No Room for Mistakes in Process Documentation

    Feb 18, 2019 9:50:11 AM / by Enrique Lopez

    If you ask a company what room for error their company has, the answer is almost always zero. It´s no different with logistics.

    How can a company aim for no mistakes or defects, especially in a service industry where human error can occur? Fortunately, many quality systems tools are available to maximize our chances of success. One of them is process documentation.

    This tool enables us to transfer knowledge to anyone in the matter of seconds, telling that person the information needed or what they need to do. Documenting a process allows you to reflect the day to day operations giving a clear guideline for your employees and it´s perfect for onboarding new hires or fast-growing operations.

    Benefits of Process Documentation

    1. An on-boarding process can be reduced by 70% – 80%, consuming less time from your team as it provides a clear and objective guide of action. It is quite useful when time is limited.
    2. It provides detailed steps giving you a resource to refer back to whenever you are in doubt on how to proceed or execute a task. This can save 6 to 7 work hours weekly per team.
    3. It gives you a reference for self-evaluation of the desired results on the process. You can audit the outcome of your work as the expected result is well depicted on the document, reducing errors by about 80%.
    4. You can quickly evaluate your performance by assessing your process document with SMART goals. It serves for swiftly adapting to changes in the business environment.

    Consider the mentioned benefits and start your process documentation. All you need is to map your process, translate it into step by step clear activities and establish the desired objectives.

    Remember to always have your process updated and you will be one step closer to zero defects!

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    Topics: oil and gas, process documentation, vendor management

    Enrique Lopez

    Written by Enrique Lopez

    Enrique has a Degree in International Business and has been with GEODIS for 1 year working on our Inbound Logistics Visibility Center (ILVC) Project. He has previously worked for consumer products, chemicals and maritime freight forwarding industries developing process standardization for Logistics and accounting with 9 years of experience. Enrique acts as Vendor Management Analyst and works on the implementation of IT for automation, having graduated from a Full-Stack Web Development Bootcamp with Javascript as the main programming language. Enrique is also passionate for technology and music.

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