Maximize opportunities on return processes with Reverse Logistics.

    Nov 20, 2020 9:00:00 AM / by Daniel Martins

    Reverse logistics deals with complex product return processes and presents an additional challenge for the society, impacting the geographies at an environmental, social, and economic level.


    Maximize Opp


    From the companies’ perspective, challenges are involved as well, as its execution affects the Customer Experience and the perception of the brand. So, for years, business have invested in solutions to solve the enigma. To understand the pillars of the equation, you should consider the following variables.


    1) You may want to know about the challenges for an optimized and viable process. Here are some ideas:


    • High costs involved in reverse operations.
    • Real time visibility.
    • Lack of procedures for handling and managing at the different stages of the reverse logistics.
    • Integration of a complex chain.
    • Adjustment to legal requirements.


    2) Ask to yourself, has your organization faced challenges to maximize opportunities with reverse logistics? 


    Every company has challenges to overcome, and as some are easier to identify, others may take longer to be evident, especially when the problems start coming to light. A well-executed strategy may turn these challenges into opportunities for solutions and even, new businesses. Yes, we are talking about waste, or scrap.


    Regardless of the final destination of your assets, disposal or remanufacturing, the costs of the supply chain, especially in countries of continental dimensions, make returns unfeasible or increase the operating financial margin, causing impacts for sustainability for companies and society in general.


    3) Have you wondered how to solve the sustainability issues considering possible logistical costs?


    Sustainability is on everyone’s mind. So are the challenges that this discipline brings to the table when we apply it to our supply chain. Having a comprehensive structure of integrated cross-country services represents an opportunity to identify issues to solve locally, before jumping into a wider scope. Additional possibilities may involve Customized collection, storage, and packaging, the material consolidation, and End-to-end visibility.



    Reach out for collaborative partnerships that offer quality without sacrificing financial return, that commit effort, intelligence, and technology to the design and planning, prioritizing resources sharing, and Cycle for reintegration. Transform the reverse logistics into a positive, collaborative, and innovative experience, recovering value and turning results in expected benefits. 


    GEODIS | SCO is an expert in this field. With high technology systems, trained people, and years of expertise, we have managed to excel in this labor. Visit our website to get in touch with us.


    This blog post was written in collaboration with Lucelia Gonçalves -, and edited by Ana Rosa Arana -

    Topics: Supply Chain Solutions, Reverse Logistics, Solutions, Logistics, Estrategy

    Daniel Martins

    Written by Daniel Martins

    Daniel has over 15 years of experience in logistics and operations in large multinational companies focusing on network redesign, procurement intelligence and end-to-end flow management, enhancing process visibility and leveraging business performance. Get in contact with Daniel at

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