Managing IT Equipment Asset Liquidation with Reverse Logistics Assistance

    Aug 7, 2020 10:00:00 AM / by Kevin Jerge

    When a customer requests to return a purchased product, or an organization decides to clear its unsold inventory, the uphill climb to maximum value recovery begins.


    A Managing IT Equipment Asset Liquidation with Reverse Logistics Assistance


    Reverse Logistics and return management solutions are vital for recapturing the value of goods, or in the case of end-of-life products, disposing of them properly. For IT assets, effective value recovery is especially complex due to the potential for security risks, data breaches and damage to the environment.


    Unfortunately, enterprises often do not pay enough attention to their organization’s end-of-life or afterlife processes for valuable IT assets, which can be a costly mistake particularly when it comes to data management. Both virtual and cloud architectures exist somewhere in physical form, so to ensure proper data destruction, it is important to pinpoint exactly where the data from liquidated products is located.


    IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) is the process of disposing of unwanted electronic equipment in a responsible way. Proper ITAD processes ensure that an organization mitigates risk, minimizes costs, and maximizes overall recovery value. Sound data destruction management is a crucial consideration for organizations who must track their asset lifecycle into the afterlife.


    While some organizations attempt to solve this lack of transparency by requiring on-site destruction processes, this can also increase associated service costs while simultaneously reducing an asset’s overall recovery value. Many industries instead opt to outsource all end-of-life activities to vertically integrated organizations who specialize in the collaboration of IT Asset Management (ITAM), IT Asset Disposition (ITAD), and logistics to provide a transparent and streamlined solution.


    Because of this opportunity, the future of enterprise IT asset liquidation and secure management is dependent on an agile closed-loop supply chain solution. Essential elements of a successful solution are:

    • Certified data destruction
    • Certified electronics recycling
    • Certified chain-of-custody
    • Careful tracking and reporting throughout the process
    • A multi-vendor approach

    These elements work together to instill confidence in the enterprise client that all their data remains protected.


    An innovative ITAD and reverse logistics organization understands that the brunt of solving this transparency gap falls on them. After all, they have taken on the responsibility for these end-of-life assets, so they must provide their clients with accurate reporting and updates on the refurbishing and/or disposal processes. Yet because some reverse logistics service organizations overlook this type of meticulous tracking and reporting, it is important to work with a trusted partner when outsourcing the liquidation process of sensitive data-bearing assets.


    GEODIS' ITAD team manages all preparation processes for returned, damaged, and unwanted asset liquidations, including refurbishment and data wipe out for both return-to-stock and end-of-life processes. Because GEODIS offers certified scrapping, recycling, and destruction operations, enterprises can rest assured that their sensitive IT assets are securely and properly disposed of in order to minimize landfill waste and overall environmental impact.


    GEODIS also offers efficient management of returned goods for total transparency throughout the asset liquidation process. Whether your products require refurbishing, disassembling, or recycling, GEODIS ensures that once-defective items promptly return to market and will prevent any sensitive components from being sold to uncontrolled secondary markets. From start to finish, your IT assets and collateral data are always safe and accounted for when in GEODIS’ hands.


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    Kevin Jerge

    Written by Kevin Jerge

    Kevin Jerge has been in the world of ITAD for the last 6 years helping start-ups and established companies in this space position their service offerings to drive client growth. He has worked with many of the largest OEM’s and technology companies in the US with a focus on innovative solutions and customized approaches to IT asset management and disposition. He has been featured in CIO Magazine and is leading the GEODIS Supply Chain efforts as they relate to IT Asset Disposition and Reverse Logistics.