Maintenance Time in the Oil & Gas Industry? We’ve got you!

    Jan 17, 2020 9:00:00 AM / by Alejandra Montes

    Every company has to manage the quality of their processes and facility maintenance, regardless of the type of industry they are in, and this should happen annually at a minimum.  It´s no different for oil extraction platforms. This time of the year is referred to as TAR or “Turnaround” season. TAR season is an expensive, planned period of regeneration and maintenance for a facility.

    Maintenance Time in the Oil & Gas Industry_ We’ve got you!

    Some of the required changes are ordered by the Company and others commissioned by the State.  Much of this work can only be done while the facility and operations are completely shut down, which represents a logistics nightmare for any company. Shutting down a platform has a high economic impact on production and millions of dollars are lost every day the asset is not in operation.

    The plants are inspected and repaired during this time, which means that all materials related to the repair need to be requested well in advance. Tracking and mitigation plans must be properly developed in case of any shortage, lost or damaged material.

    As logistics experts, GEODIS helps the Oil & Gas industry manage TAR seasons smoothly, providing visibility on a daily basis through extreme weather conditions while preventing export compliance and transportation delays. Timely information and actions are the fundamental requirements that allow our customers to make crucial decisions that will affect their business.

    No matter to what extent an exhaustive logistics plan is required, GEODIS will ensure that the critical material arrives on time and intact so the facility can operate safely and our clients profitability is maximized.

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    Alejandra Montes

    Written by Alejandra Montes

    Alejandra has been with GEODIS for 3 years working on our Inbound Logistics Visibility Center (ILVC) project. She has a degree in International Trade with a focus on Management and is a Carrier Management Analyst and Hazmat Expert. Her experience includes more than 2 years in Oil & Gas operations for TAR, chemical and drilling procedures as well as more than 3 years in air exports.