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    LEAN Program

    The implementation of LEAN tools and principles has become a standard practice driving customer satisfaction and efficiency for all businesses. It is imperative that businesses who choose to adopt and invest in a LEAN program go all in; there is no dipping your toe in the water with this type of initiative. LEAN must be taught, discussed, implemented, and sustained at all levels of the organization.

    There are 2 key things which set businesses apart when implementing LEAN:

    1. The effectiveness and visibly of the LEAN initiative
    2. The support and buy in at all levels

    What Differentiates Us

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    Other Businesses

    • Leverage employees ideas - ALL OF THEM. For LEAN to truly ingrain itself, the culture leaders must rely on their employees' knowledge and ideas. Organizations tend to only focus on projects that deliver high cost savings or efficiency gains. Everyone recognizes a process in their day to day job that could be improved even if they don’t know how to solve it or where to start. This is where communication, training and an open dialogue can help make everyone’s job easier. This frees them up to take on more capacity and tunes their mind to notice further inefficiencies as they grow in their LEAN knowledge. At GEODIS we focus on improvements at all levels, empowering all employees to identify opportunities and participate in the solutions.
    ❌Leadership is in charge of identifying and managing all improvement projects. For many companies, this approach seems logical as the leaders can view the business from a higher level and identify the appropriate projects to invest in. While this is indeed true, it is missing a key element of LEAN and its concepts.


    • Implementing LEAN solutions for all aspects of the business and work with operations, analysts, and leaders to identify and deliver cost savings initiatives that will set us apart from the competition and deliver superior customer satisfaction.

    ❌Not just for manufacturing/warehouse. This is a common misconception when talking and training in LEAN. It is centered on warehouse or manufacturing operations. In today’s business environment LEAN can be incorporated to every aspect of the business. This includes back office processes, customer management, communication, goal setting and monitoring.

    • Development of Key Visual Performance Tools that will drive increased customer satisfaction, performance and efficiency while eliminating much of the administrative work associated with tracking and identifying potential issues. We are using comprehensive dashboards and tracking mechanisms to empower our employees to identify and resolve issues before they reach the customer.
    ❌Goal setting and visual performance management is often used as a tool to show customers how good you are doing for them. Although these type of dashboards have their place and are indeed a good visual for the customer, there is a missed opportunity that helps drive actions and results when developing these LEAN tools. They help to provide direction, prevent errors and capture valuable revenue. 
    • LEAN idea submissions are welcomed at all levels using our LEAN project submission tool. Using an innovative approach to the old suggestion system, we placed tablet stations in work areas to capture potential ideas from all employees regardless of position.
    ❌Outdated suggestion boxes and T-card boards, though once the key LEAN tool, is now an old methodology that is difficult to manage and more difficult to view from a distance.  Relying on old technology and ideas is the opposite of LEAN and technology should be leveraged where possible to better manage and track potential improvements.

    When leaders and employees talk about LEAN improvements, broadcast their efforts, and praise all ideas, it can inspire the LEAN culture to grow far beyond company expectations. As a business, we want to leverage this and empower all of our employees to be problem solvers and idea generators who take pride in what they do every day. Involving everyone in the effort helps generate buy in and delivers results.

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    Erik Green

    Written by Erik Green

    Erik is married to Wife Kim with 3 amazing young boys Killian, Finn and Paxton. With three young boys being efficient is key, whether its traveling, or managing the kids toys, everything is better when its LEAN! I am a LEAN practitioner both personally and professionally. In business I currently own the strategic direction and implementation of LEAN culture for GEODIS SCO Americas. I like to take action and think outside the box while delivering results to the business and the bottom line. With 5 years in the Logistics & Transportation space focused on continuous improvement, and driving waste out of the business. Prior to coming to GEODIS I worked for Schneider Logistics and spent 2 years as a civilian contractor for the United States Department of Defense, following 9.5 years active duty service in the Marine Corps. A certified Lean Black belt, Kaizen facilitator.