Hybrid-Profiled Employees, the future of Human Capital.

    Nov 27, 2020 9:00:00 AM / by Livier CHAVEZ

    Without a doubt the year 2020 will be remembered because of the pandemic, but more so for the transformation we´ve all had to encounter in our homes, jobs and lifestyle.


    Hybrid-Profiled Employees, the future of Human Capitall


    Many companies and their leaders have understood that, along with all these changes, the job market is also heading towards another direction and the organizational priorities must embrace these new needs.


    Human capital has always been one of the most critical assets to the companies, and employment has also adapted to the new normality. The job market has experimented with alterations to meet the new standards and requirements that the companies need. Now more than ever, executives seek for profiles that not only have the technical knowledge but more so have the soft skills that will enable them to adapt to and overcome unforeseen situations, along with the ability to motivate their teams from a distance.


    The digital era was something that companies in Latin-America were already gravitating towards due to the digitalization and virtual demands, but COVID19 has definitely accelerated this development, and organizations have now had to focus on hiring and attracting talent that possesses a hybrid profile, which can be described as a combination of a specific set of soft competencies and technical knowledge that will make you more competitive in this new market.


    We have realized that flexibility is a crucial element due to the circumstances we face in all of our environments, such as remote work and the virtuality that has become our daily reality. Technological tools have allowed for the economic impact to be leveraged and for companies to pursue ways to keep operating at 100% capacity.


    Hybrid profiles are in higher demand because of the artificial boom, startups, and geographical liberty. Today, more than ever, we need employees and leaders with soft skills that can integrate the teams with different areas; such skills are the competencies that can´t be reproduced by a robot.


    The future of our jobs is now based not on school certificates but on human abilities such as teamwork, assertive communication, conflict resolution, emotional intelligence, and leadership skills. That is the new profile that we need to develop, aim for, and hire in order to maintain the productivity of our business.


    The Human Resources department and top executives have increased the demand for hybrid profiles that have not only the necessary technical capacity but also the soft competencies that will allow employees to be constant on maintaining high productivity levels and innovation.


    In a recent study, the main reason why a vacancy request has been difficult to recruit in Latin America 60% of the time is due to the lack of soft skills followed by technical deficiency and experience.


    In a short amount of time we have been witnesses to how companies have switched from face-to-face to digital modalities and how paradigms of productivity and efficiency have been modified. It is necessary that companies move their talent and new hires to hybrid talent.


    This is why many companies are also investing in their training programs to drive their teams to become more completive in this new hybrid profile generation.


    Without question, the Human Resources department plays a significant role in the change management to finding and developing this type of profiles that are becoming vital elements for our business.


    The future has arrived, and companies in the race to reinvent themselves and remain competitive in an increasingly complex market must boost their human capital, which will be their significant differential.


    This blog post was edited by Ana Rosa Arana -

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    Livier CHAVEZ

    Written by Livier CHAVEZ

    Livier Chavez is part of the GEODIS | SCO family as Americas's Human Resources Manager, facilitating the Mexico team to accomplish the GEODIS | SCO vision. Livier has excelled in different areas of Human Resources for 10 years such as; employee and labor relations, recruitment and selection, and has lead different implementation of tools, processes and projects. Livier is better known as the in-house instructor at the Americas level of the Agile Mindset, and creator of the ¨KNOW YOUR COMPANY¨ event. Livier is an inspirational leader that is passionate about driving teams to overcome obstacles and being a change factor that will enable the company and employee’s reach their professional goals.

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