How to Work in Challenging Markets in Asia

    Jun 14, 2018 1:39:56 PM / by Jessica Zhu

    Asia is a dynamic, emerging logistics market. Having local resources and understanding local markets is critical to delivering supply chain optimization.


    How to Work in Challenging Markets in Asia

    Culture and Communication

    Asia is a multi-cultural region with each of the countries having a different culture and language. Communication is an important influence on the daily operation and information management.

    Logistics Models and Solutions

    Asia’s Supply Chain market is not as mature as Europe or North America. Many companies are focusing on 3PL cooperation and supplier performance. Advisory and procurement solutions are key in this market as the customers need to optimize their supply chain, with the main target being time and cost savings.

    Tailored IT Solutions

    The complicated geographic logistics environment requires tailored IT solutions for the customer. Inventory control is the key for global companies.


    Localized resources are needed to advise customers and enable their logistics to move smoothly with the understanding of local markets. A centralized control tower with local satellites brings strong management and monitoring to the operation and easily helps identify optimized opportunities for the customer.


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    Topics: Control tower, Supply Chain Solutions, Supply Chain Optimization

    Jessica Zhu

    Written by Jessica Zhu

    Jessica Zhu is the AP Business Development Focal and GCG Business Development Manager at GEODIS for the Supply Chain Optimization line of business. Before joining GEODIS in 2015, she worked in logistics & marketing for different manufacturing, Global logistics, and e-commerce companies. She has a very comprehensive understanding of supply chain, logistics, local markets and project management in international transportation, DG cargo transportation and end-to-end logistics fulfillment projects. With the understanding of the Asia logistics market and experience in supply chain in the High-Tech, Industrial and e-commerce industries Jessica specializes in logistics advisory, solution design, project management, supply chain optimization and the 4PL/LLP model to deliver positive outcomes to customers.