How to overcome Companies' constraints with Network Design

    Sep 4, 2020 9:00:00 AM / by Daniel Martins


    Recent changes in the global scope have accelerated the need for companies and individuals for adaptable and resilient business models that quickly meet the markets’ needs for quality and competitive costs, associated with individual processes which interconnect in a complex chain, from a micro to a macro environment.


    How to overcome Companies constraints with Network Design



    It is not surprise that the challenges in the organizations have been increasing in terms of productivity.  Some of these could be listed below:


    • Customer satisfaction
    • Increase companies' Gross Margin and EBIT
    • Ability to visualize and integrate different service providers
    • Excellence in performance
    • Introduction of new products
    • Fast and efficient distribution
    • Operations and Tax balance


    Combining and balancing these variables is an elaborated process, since these cells are usually analyzed as an individual context and then integrated into the organism of which they are a part.


    Does your organization have a clear view of the current situation and the possibilities that can be explored? Through a complete diagnosis with powerful scenario-simulation tools, accumulated expertise in optimization projects and a supplier portfolio, your organization will certainly be surprised by the possible opportunities.


    GEODIS | SCO has a team of specialists in Supply Chain Consulting and has contributed positively to leverage results in several market segments. In addition to providing 'AS IS' and 'To Be' scenarios, GEODIS | SCO also supports companies in materializing benefits, as we reinforce our ‘Client Experience’, through mutual commitment to prosper.


    Contact our experts, Lucelia Gonçalves ( and Felipe Vallini (, to learn more about our projects, our value-added proposal and how to go further and beyond.


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    Daniel Martins

    Written by Daniel Martins

    Daniel has over 15 years of experience in logistics and operations in large multinational companies focusing on network redesign, procurement intelligence and end-to-end flow management, enhancing process visibility and leveraging business performance. Get in contact with Daniel at

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