How to optimize your Healthcare business process?

    Jan 10, 2020 2:22:00 PM / by Samantha Bender

    In years past, Healthcare Companies have been willing to create partnerships with logistics and supply chain companies due to the complexity of their own operations, high cost management and lack of end-to-end visibility. Often times, these companies may have a very large geographical scope including several countries across multiple continents. They may also need to manage both upstream flows from material vendors to regional DC’s and mainstream flows with just one global small parcel carrier.

    How to optimize your Healthcare business process_


    Engaging a supplier that can provide a Center of Excellence will help them maintain global coverage 24/7, optimize their business processes and allow them to have access to a suite of advanced tools. This will help with transport order status, special events management, transport provider allocation, order visibility and business intelligence dashboards.

    One of our Healthcare Industry customers encountered the challenge of uniting Europe and America with no management tools of their own or any centralization that could provide better data management, integration, conversation, and collaboration.

    By employing a GEODIS’ solution, our client received a complete operational makeover. We provided improved end-to-end Supply Chain visibility, tracking and better risk anticipation. This closer collaboration increased our customer’s satisfaction by achieving increased flexibility and cost containment.


    Read more about this Center of Excellence Case Study by clicking here.



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    Samantha Bender

    Written by Samantha Bender

    Samantha is the Global Sales & CRM Coordinator at GEODIS Supply Chain Optimization. She has a degree in International Business from Universidad Iberoamericana and has more than 9 years of experience in Logistics. She joined GEODIS 6 years ago in Mexico City as the Control Tower of one of GEODIS’ most important clients and finally joined the Global Business Development team to support Sales & Marketing.