How to face your biggest logistic pains on the Oil & Energy Industry?

    Feb 21, 2020 2:50:00 PM / by Samantha Bender

    In an industry as complex as Oil & Energy, companies face multiple challenges every day. Logistics and supply chain are probably their biggest pains since most of their solutions should be tailor made in regards of their size and proportion. This requires a front-end engineering effort to create a plan specifically detailed that will end in a door-to-door logistics strategy.

    How to face your biggest logistic pains on the Oil & Energy Industry_

    Having a team of advisory experts might help when building different solutions for specific projects. They can define the logistics means needed to transport required equipment, saving you costs and optimizing the end to end processes.

    One of our clients, a worldwide major Oil & Energy company, needed to export their products through different countries. The challenge started by understanding all regulatory and customs’ constraints followed by the designing of the ground installations’ network. GEODIS’ solution focused on a variety of scenarios, that provided recommendations on port utilization, preferred subcontractors, and optimal routes.

    Read more about this Advisory Project for an O&E Company Case Study by clicking here.


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    Samantha Bender

    Written by Samantha Bender

    Samantha is the Global Sales & CRM Coordinator at GEODIS Supply Chain Optimization. She has a degree in International Business from Universidad Iberoamericana and has more than 9 years of experience in Logistics. She joined GEODIS 6 years ago in Mexico City as the Control Tower of one of GEODIS’ most important clients and finally joined the Global Business Development team to support Sales & Marketing.