How to deliver an excellent customer service with an end-to-end designed solution

    May 8, 2020 3:10:00 PM / by Samantha Bender

    Having multiple customers in different countries is a real challenge for Healthcare companies that are willing to deliver an excellent customer service in time. Sometimes these corporations need to redesign and optimize their network if they want to maximize their results.

    How to deliver an excellent customer service with an end-to-end designed solution (1)

    Advisory experts could provide a designed solution according to your needs, that will reflect a considerable reduction of time deliveries and cost savings, bringing you more satisfied customers.

    One of the biggest worldwide Healthcare companies needed a solution to redesign and optimize their network of more than 1,100 customers and several suppliers. They also needed to address distribution, coverage, centralization, and deliveries.

    GEODIS provided a full network study of the market and developed three different scenarios to optimize the customer’s delivery and distribution processes. With this personalized solution, the client was able to achieve end to end visibility on all flows, and have one single provider to manage several suppliers, based on their SLA targets. 


    Read more about this Advisory Healthcare Case Study by clicking here.


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    Samantha Bender

    Written by Samantha Bender

    Samantha is the Global Sales & CRM Coordinator at GEODIS Supply Chain Optimization. She has a degree in International Business from Universidad Iberoamericana and has more than 9 years of experience in Logistics. She joined GEODIS 6 years ago in Mexico City as the Control Tower of one of GEODIS’ most important clients and finally joined the Global Business Development team to support Sales & Marketing.

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