How to achieve a successful warehouse relocation

    Jun 26, 2020 8:00:00 AM / by Carlos Ibarra

    One of the most challenging requests a client can make is to relocate from one warehouse to another. The distance between these locations has minor impact on the challenges this task could bring, or even on the processes needed to accomplish this work in a timely manner.


    How to achieve a successful warehouse relocation

    This was the case this year, when one of our custumers requested to transfer their inbound warehouse, located in Guadalajara, Mexico. The original commitment date to complete the project was March 31st, however, this date was eventually updated to fulfill the task earlier that month.


    The most important thing was to keep on providing normal operations, such as receiving, packing and shipping material, as well as delivering to the different manufacturing lines and internal end users.


    To successfully complete this project, we stablished continuous checkpoints and meetings with our leadership team, alongside with internal departments such as Procurement, IT, Maintenance or Finance, and with our transportation vendor. The key to our success was the synergy between teams and the ability to follow the process through the follow-up reviews.


    The transfer scope was huge, this included more than 4,250 pallets, over 13,400 boxes, warehouse and administrative workstations, a meeting room, a lunchroom, and an IT site, just to name a few. The main strategy was delivering material to the customer’s facilities, disassembling, moving, and assembling the racks in the new location to make space for the normal inbound services.


    The first stage of the project started on January by transporting pallets containing the high-runner part numbers to cover the client’s production plan for the following months. This helped us to empty the rack lines for their transfer to the new warehouse avoiding impacts on the manufacturing lines.


    A second phase began in February, this time to transfer low-runner part numbers. The team kept on disassembling and re-assembling racks to finally move around 65 truck-loads.


    For the third and final stage, more than 1000 parts numbers were consolidated to the last day, closing the project with the shipment of 242 pallets in 35 trailer-trucks.


    Overall, we were able to deliver and close the project, matching the requested dates from our client, and, as a value added, we did it while their operations were running, without issues or concerns.


    This was a shared victory for the GEODIS Warehouse team, our suppliers, and vendors; and was a remarkable proof that strategy, organization, and teamwork are key to succeed in every relocation request.


    Empty and disassemble rack lines for their transfer using trailer trucks

    foto2Empty and disassembling rack lines for their transfer to the new facility, Delivering empty area to the land lord

    foto3Inventory validation & put away material into destination facility


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    Carlos Ibarra

    Written by Carlos Ibarra

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