Happy customers, successful businesses.

    Oct 18, 2019 9:00:00 AM / by Ana Rosa Arana

    "Your goal as a company is not only to have the best customer service, but to make it legendary,"  Sam Walton.

    In a world where markets are changing to attract consumers and the supply of products and services is increasingly competitive, it is customer satisfaction that leads companies to success or failure.

    Happy customers successful businesses_

    Years ago, the orientation of companies was focused on products, prices and quality. All this has been revolutionized with the philosophy of customer satisfaction, you may place quality and price in the field, but it is the service that leads you to triumph.

    The way today's consumers interact with brands is constantly evolving. Never settle and demand investment and attention.

    How are customer service and the supply chain related?

    Understanding how customer service is connected to the supply chain offers opportunities for cost reduction, customer loyalty and sales increasing. The creation of positive experiences leads to greater satisfaction among current customers, building trust and adhesion.

    The current supply chain landscape is pushing companies to develop new ways to interact with the customer and make them feel like part of the business. The chat-bots that for years have been an easy and economic option have had to adapt to the new era where empathy and human sense are highly appreciated.

    68% of customers said that a pleasant customer service representative is key to achieving a positive experience while 62% of respondents mentioned that the agent's knowledge was the most important attribute.

    (American Express 2017 Customer Service Barometer)


    But what are the pillars of Customer Service?

    We can list 3 main pillars that serve as reference to provide a stellar customer experience.


    Customer service is a living process that requires continuity and evolution. Every day there will be a new challenge to face. The best way to overcome these challenges are by observing and listening to the needs of our customers. How? Question, propose and listen. Identify the qualities that the client values ​​or recognizes and take advantage of them.


    Once identified what the client appreciates about customer service, learn and improve.

    Learn from your weaknesses and opportunities, then adapt your resources and improve your results. The improvement is continuous.


    The business is based on volume and results. The analysis of data allows to measure the efficiency of our strategy and establish standards. Customer service is also measured. Do not be afraid to implement KPIs or metrics to improve your performance. Execute the strategy and measure the impact.


    Customer satisfaction today is a more important role in all industries.

    In supply chain, every step matters make the walk joyful.

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    Ana Rosa Arana

    Written by Ana Rosa Arana

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