Giving your products the V.I.P treatment

    Mar 27, 2020 12:00:00 AM / by Cecilia Noguera

    Every company believes that their products are special, and the truth is that they are all correct. From moving small parts to installing huge equipment, there’s a whole variety of special handling that could be required. And the handling is just a part of the process: there is packing, moving, installing, uninstalling and storage.

    Giving your products the VIP treatment

    Sometimes, the kind of products companies have is so specific they need exclusive experts. Someone that understand the particularities of it and knows exactly what to do every step of the process. This is one of the things that is included in a White Glove Complex Delivery: a complete, thorough and personalized expertise in the client’s product and a commitment that they are going to be handled with extra care. In simpler words, is choosing to give your product a VIP treatment.

    For one of our retail customers, our group of experts designed an integrated End-2-End solution, that included a network re-design and Port-to-Door deliveries. After the implementation, the client was able to reduce inventory costs, have full visibility of their expenses and improve their Key Performance Indicators.


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    Cecilia Noguera

    Written by Cecilia Noguera

    Cecilia is a Visual Experience Manager at GEODIS. She has a degree in Advertising Art Direction and knowledge of Marketing, Photography and Graphic design. She joined GEODIS 9 years ago in Argentina and is now working in The Americas Center of Excellence in Guadalajara, Mexico.