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    Great companies are built by extraordinary people. Human talent has always been a critical factor for the success of organizations around the world. The development and promotion of this talent must be even more a determining goal for companies.

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    One of the biggest challenges a company can face is keeping its people motivated, productive, and committed to its mission. The role of leaders is crucial for employees to excel and develop within the same company. However, this task becomes even more problematic when it comes to multinational companies with headcounts in the thousands.


    At GEODIS, our greatest commitment is the well-being of our employees. As one of our seven golden rules states, we are committed to Recruit, develop, and retain quality people, while we build and develop work teams focused on personal relationships and going a step forward to the digital world to build more human connections at work. For this reason, we are in constant search of enhancing our human talent.


    As part of GEODIS's strategy to develop new talents and future leaders, the "We Are The Champions" initiative has been launched. The project seeks to highlight the experts of each area, taking their experience and knowledge to the rest of the company.


    Our Champions are not only ambassadors for GEODIS, but from the moment their colleagues and managers selected them, they became a benchmark of the company's values. Their commitment to their work, their ability to innovate, the passion with which they carry out their work, and their solidarity are elements that manage to generate trust in the team, and of which we are proud as a company.


    The campaign will last approximately 14 months, focused on giving exposure to each of the champions. Month after month, we will present each of our talents, inside and outside the company, through our social networks and GEODIS communication channels.


    We hope that this campaign will sow the seed in the rest of the employees, and little by little, we will get to form a comprehensive team of expert ambassadors committed to the cause. Today we count with 15 young champions; tomorrow, we can all be. Meet them below.




    Keep Rising.

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    Ana Rosa Arana

    Written by Ana Rosa Arana

    Ana Rosa joined the GEODIS family in September 2016 as part of the BP ILVC team. She's known for her contributions to different projects at the AMS CoE, and it's now part of the MKT & VE team. Ana is passionate about arts, communications, and design. Reach out to her at

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