GEODIS is committed to monitor and reduce carbon emissions.

    Jan 8, 2021 9:00:00 AM / by Ana Rosa Arana

    The efforts to reduce carbon emissions worldwide are a topic that has been on most countries’ agenda for years. The importance of knowing how commercial activities affect the climate and nature must remain a priority for future generations.

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    At GEODIS, we are conscious of the enormous responsibility that we play in this mission, which led us to develop a system to calculate the emissions of freight transport to the environment, share accurate data, and provide visibility to our customers around the world.

    The tool performs calculations that consider the goods being shipped, their origin, destination, and mode of transport before providing a quantitative evaluation. It is easy, friendly, and quick. It is sufficient to visit our website to try the tool, and with only four clicks, you will get to know the number of Greenhouse Gases and Pollutants released on your freight. The calculator is also available in English and French.


    To know more about the calculator, visit our website, or give it a try clicking here


    GEODIS’ actions recognized by the CDP* 

    Aware that climate change is a major challenge in the transport sector, GEODIS has set its sights on reducing its greenhouse gas emissions by 30% between now and 2030. 


    To reduce its carbon emissions, GEODIS: 

    • Strives to optimize transport plans by implementing approaches that improve trucks’ load factor and avoid empty miles 
    • Develop the use of rail for multimodal transport 
    • Has integrated vehicles that use cleaner energy into their fleet (natural gas and electric) 
    • GEODIS also commits to providing its customers with solutions to reduce their carbon footprint at each step of the supply chain.


    *CDP is a non-profit international organization that manages the largest environmental reporting platform devoted to companies and cities. 


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    Ana Rosa Arana

    Written by Ana Rosa Arana

    Ana Rosa joined the GEODIS family in September 2016 as part of the BP ILVC team. She's known for her contributions to different projects at the AMS CoE, and it's now part of the MKT & VE team. Ana is passionate about arts, communications, and design. Reach out to her at

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