Ensure the safety of our people everywhere and at anytime

    Jul 31, 2020 9:00:00 AM / by Ana Rosa Arana

    When life gives you lemons, secure your people


    "The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience but where he stands in times of challenge and controversy" - Martin Luther King Jr.


    Ensure the safety of our people everywhere and at anytime


    At GEODIS, we ensure the safety of our people, anywhere and at any time. Today, more than ever, these words echoing and sneak into the day-to-day of our organization and society.


    None of us would have ever imagined that a pandemic of the magnitude of COVID-19 could not only arrive, but also paralyze the world the way it has. What a great opportunity to demonstrate our adaptability skills and show the world that no matter how hard times can get, we are strong, we are united, and we are prepared.


    As a global company, GEODIS must ensure the well-being of its collaborators, always looking to follow the recommendations of our host countries and the international organisms that work unceasingly to guarantee the health and safety of the human population. To fully understand what our company has being doing during the last months, we should make a pause and analyze the meaning of this key word: SAFETY.


    According to the dictionary, safety is the absence of risk, or the feeling of complete confidence in someone or something. Since the pandemic outbreak, GEODIS’ strategy has always been to keep our people safe, encouraging the home office and virtual networking, while adapting the facilities to create a clean environment foreseeing the eventual return of the employees. Each geography took decisions according to the situation in place and all of them were aiming to reduce the risk to its minimum. The slow return to new normal has started at some locations, while at others, the transition is taking a little longer.


    Our Security and Safety experts have done an extraordinary effort to provide us with detailed information, workshops, and articles to explain the reach and effects of the COVID-19. They developed and implemented contingency plans and protocols to reduce the perils of the virus at the workplace but more important, they are fighting everyday to build trust in our people and ensure a safe return.


    We keep on promoting healthy practices through awareness campaigns and trainings. One of these campaigns helped us to identify vulnerable groups among our people, that due to their physical condition could be more exposed to the virus and its effects. To guarantee the integrity of our personnel, GEODIS also implemented protection measures to prevent occupational outbreaks, these include personal protective equipment distribution, cleaning and sanitizing protocols, social distancing, and body temperature checkups.


    Safety is not only a physical concern. The mental health of our collaborators is as important as their body well-being.  It is imperative to encourage the mental wellness through games and dynamics, as well as to keep our people informed about the risks of a breakdown and how to identify its signs. Stress management helps our team members to cope with anxiety, depression, and tension. Helping our employees with the quarantine struggles has a direct impact on their performance and keep us in our path to success.


    Therefore, if life gives you lemons, secure your people.


    This blog post was written in collaboration with Marija STAMENIC, Winnie WEE -, Ana Teresa RODRIGUEZ -, Richard SANDERCOCK -, Ed MULLEN - and Lucelia GONCALVES -

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    Ana Rosa Arana

    Written by Ana Rosa Arana

    Ana Rosa joined the GEODIS family in September 2016 as part of the BP ILVC team. She's known for her contributions to different projects at the AMS CoE, and it's now part of the MKT & VE team. Ana is passionate about arts, communications, and design. Reach out to her at

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