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    Apr 23, 2021 9:00:00 AM / by Leonel GÓMEZ

    Business Automation is evolving. 

    Just like mechanic automation revolutionized the manufacturing industry with the help of modern computers, today, there is software that allows you to make business flows and automate them. This software is called BPA (short for Business Process Automation) and said software has a cousin called RPA (Robotic Process Automation), and both are revolutionizing the way we do automatization.


    MicrosoftTeams-image (50)


    But what is BPA software? 

    A Business Process Automation software is a platform that allows you to create business processes in a very friendly and intuitive way, to define input data and output data (such as an email or a message for another system), with little to almost no programming knowledge needed. Usually, BPA software is more attached to the IT infrastructure and is a standalone application, meaning that no user intervention is needed in order for the BPA to work, the processes handled should be able to be executed in a centralized way.


    This being said, you must be wondering, why should I implement it in my business?

    You probably know someone in your company who is passionate about innovations and is always proposing new and better ways to get the job done. If someone came up to your mind after reading this line, keep them close! And most importantly, give them the tools to fulfill their visions.


    Let’s put the following example: One or several associates receive invoices via email from several vendors (each vendor email has its own “standard” format), and the associate must extract the total from each invoice received, check the concept and depending on the concept, it has to be sent to a person that will take care of it. This usually means repetitive workarounds that can be centralized and don’t need user intervention, this process is a potential candidate for a BPA procedure. Since the emails are consistent in their format, this can be automated with BPA or RPA software, to avoid copy-paste errors, forgetting an email to process, and saving valuable time, so people can focus on other priorities.

    Now imagine we could generate this flow in a web platform with just a few clicks and keystrokes, with no fancy programming (or depending on the problem to solve, maybe some programming without worrying too much about the technical details), map the data to some variables and set them in an email template.


    The following image may give you a better idea of how this works.

    process flow


    Cool, isn’t it?


    The BPA software requires little to almost null programming knowledge, however, we see that depending on the problem may be the mere basics are required such as; what is a variable, control structures, regular expressions (I believe that they are WAY too underrated outside the developer world and I think they should be general knowledge). We see that also in RPAs (Robot Process Automation) require such knowledge, both RPA and BPA software help businesses to become more accurate, efficient, and prevent human errors.


    All of that is very important to the industry to reduce costs and increase profit, however, this also moves industries through a new path, a path of - what I think - is the creation of new careers / mixed careers, where everyone will develop automation and create automated workflows with the help of these platforms.


    Companies are following a trend based on giving the people the power to create solutions for the business. This trend is also forming a culture of innovation, curiosity, and continuous improvement that should be supported.


    Here, at GEODIS, we automate ANYTHING we can in our business, creating custom workflows to meet the needs of our customers. Everyone that has an idea for automation is welcomed to present it, and even participate in the development of the solution, if possible. GEODIS provides the tools, encouraging the creativity to create such custom procedures.


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    Leonel GÓMEZ

    Written by Leonel GÓMEZ

    Leonel is the IT Tech lead in GEODIS | SCO Mexico. He started his career at GEODIS in 2018, working on internal enterprise applications, then moving to develop global logistics solutions. Leonel is known for the Kali" and "CII Consolidation" solutions for warehouse management, and many other optimization tools. He is passionate about coding, camping, and technology.

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