Communication, a key factor to succeed during isolation times.

    Nov 6, 2020 9:00:00 AM / by Ana Rosa Arana

    It is no surprise this year people, companies and global markets have faced challenges that have dared their capacity to adapt and survive. 


    Communication, a key factor to succeed during isolation times.1


    Exposed to an external threat, which is also invisible and lethal, humanity must find solutions to avoid the collateral effects of the illness. These effects could be even more aggressive than the virus itself.


    As social entities, people have basic needs to belong, to be recognized, and to communicate. It is this last quality our most appreciated ally during these times of isolation and seclusion.


    The development of new communication channels to promote the virtual information exchange may not be the cure for social distancing, but it definitely is an effective method to shorten the physical breach between people and organizations.


    To bet for effective communication in the company, it’s not only a strategy to promote the remote work and incentive the people performance, considering their mental and physical health, but this also implies to develop and apply innovative tools to keep us informed, creating a link to feel closer despite the distance. Fortunately, technology brings a vast catalog of possibilities to adapt to our workstations, and sometimes by just clicking a button. However, not all that shines is gold.


    According to an article published by the Regulatory Affairs Professionals Society , effective communication plays a crucial role in the organization. Still, poor communication strategies could have greater impacts and consequences, leading even to damage the corporative image or to lose contracts and alliances with partners. So, now more than ever, caring for the content of our divulgating messages is vital.


    At GEODIS, a healthy work environment and social cooperation have distinguished us through the years. So these last months, we have invested in new ways to stay together through communication. We have developed internal channels, like podcasts, webinars, and forums, to share information, highlights, and general interest topics. These channels are open to people to participate and have been very welcomed by the teams.


    A whole communication plan is on the table, designing new ways to spread our message with our community and beyond. The communication with our customers and providers was also improved. We have implemented new management strategies, resulting in new opportunities, not only to keep the flow of the operations, but to increase our scope and range of services offered. Working together, we have established new ways to collaborate towards a mutual objective.


    The experience acquired during the last months could be summarized in a few bullets that surely will remain effective to apply in the years to come, despite the pandemics.


      • Keep the organizational vision and goals always in mind.
      • Open communication channels for bilateral exchange - Podcasts, forums, open tables, round tables, bulletins, etc.
      • Never stop innovating, think outside the box - Keep an open mind to new ideas and strategies.
      • Stay attentive to the changes in the mood of your team, for good or for bad.
      • Listen and analyze – People want to be seen and heard; what do people need? What do they want?

    Learning to communicate may seem complicated, but it's easier than you think. Embrace the innovation culture, implement new solutions, look for communication strategies and spread the word around.



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    Ana Rosa Arana

    Written by Ana Rosa Arana

    Ana Rosa joined the GEODIS family in September 2016 as part of the BP ILVC team. She's known for her contributions to different projects at the AMS CoE, and it's now part of the MKT & VE team. Ana is passionate about arts, communications, and design. Reach out to her at

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