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    Dec 11, 2020 9:00:00 AM / by Donovan SIORDIA

    There is always a push for continuous development. Whether it is a day to day inconvenience there is a need to cut some corners that’s where creativity can play a key solving issue which goes hand in hand with the improvement of technology.

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    Considering said needs, customers are in constant scrutiny on technologies/processes to help them. Still, once those tools have been identified, some visibility points are needed to be met and, of course, dates that need to be accomplished. Our challenge comes in hand along with the client's expectation to our logistic prowess to provide a solution.

    It's not always easy to go from point A to point B. To our Customer -who is now upgrading their devices- the requirement is an end-to-end solution to ease the process and allow their modifications to be made. It is essential to step in as done for this venture, for every screw to be tightened and goods to arrive correctly.

    In these kinds of defies, covering such a big scope, meetings are always a must , however, it is important to establish a proper flow chart and standardize ways tto fit this particular projects. Knowing that materials and dates are key for the success of the enterprise, it is required to have easy access to reports and status that will allow an effective communication with different parties related to the project, as e-mails (and lost time between questions an answer through said communication) can be cut with databases that can be accessed 24/7.

    Once the database has been provided, we must make sure that the process goes correctly. That's where the flowchart comes in hand. We must ask some questions like what is the standard procedure for these kinds of scenarios? Is the material provider aware of the documentation required, packaging, and information that the brokers need? In some cases, you might think it obvious, but it's essential to always determine a clear path of responsibilities between the parties involved; and in case that something is stuck in the process, make sure to know it beforehand. We should not be working to put out fires, but we should be looking to prevent them.


    Having the database for proper updates to be accessed and a proper flowchart of communication and responsibilities will ease a lot when a Customer is working on new projects, that is the way to make an unknown challenge or an unfamiliar situation to have it in a familiar ground that can allow you as the provider and the Customer in a known ground, as we can't know what the challenges that will come in the future but being sure of the solutions, fortitudes and allowing yourself some malleability will allow the unknown future to be read in a known light are.


    At GEODIS, we are solutions experts. We encourage our team to work towards goals to optimize the resources and identify opportunity areas for our customers. This way, we ensure the success of the business while helping our partners to Keep Rising.


    This article was edited and revised by Ana Rosa Arana -

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    Donovan SIORDIA

    Written by Donovan SIORDIA

    Donovan Siordia joined the GEODIS | SCO family back in 2016. Since then, he has collaborated on many projects for the ILVC and the AMS CoE. He's passionate about his job, a solidary team player, and an expert in his field. Donovan is a known cinephile and enjoys reading in his leisure time.

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