Center of Excellence - Culture of Excellence

    Jul 17, 2020 9:00:00 AM / by Marija Stamenic

    Do you wonder how is your supply chain today?

    You could think you are pulling the strings and covering all the aspects, however, while your business globalizes, and outsourcing and specialization become a tendency, you could become aware of the blurred visibility of your supply chain.

    If you come to realize your supply chain and operational performance need an improvement, then you should consider to rely on a Control Tower or Center of Excellence (CoE).

    Center of Excellence - Culture of Excellence


    Centralized operations are known in different ways, but at the end, it all comes down to executing your requests with a single provider and arrange or combine multi-functions to achieve a desired, or maximum effect. Summarized in one sentence – to orchestrate your supply chain.


    Orchestration is, according to Jane Barrett, Supply Chain Vice President of a leading research and advisory company, “This ability to make conscious choices and to understand the trade-offs, comes from advanced capabilities in information management, demand sensing and shaping, cost-to-serve analysis, end-to-end segmentation, simulation, and analytics. It requires strong collaboration internally and externally”.


    A control tower should unite all trading partners in a real-time ecosystem, monitor, manage and orchestrate the end-to-end supply chain, from points of demand to points of supply. It should continually optimize the network, while monitoring, identifying, and fixing potential problems as a preventive way to avoid further disruptions.


    Every enterprise has its own mindset, which is a combination of objectives, mission, vision, and values, that provides a singular identity that may not be implemented in another company. Working with a CoE is not only managing your business from one place and improving your overall visibility, but also building a culture of excellence for your company.


    In today’s world, we have learned that employees are the most valuable assets in a company, and no technology could replace a capable worker. There is no Center of Excellence without employees to capture and structure the data to provide visibility. This rational ability to understand your products or services, processes, and manage your suppliers, can only be achieved by qualified and talented people who will ensure your expectations are fulfilled.


    It is important to remark, a CoE is successful only if the client is successful. This will be reached through the harmony between processes, technology and the people that lead this synergy. The challenge goes beyond a successful pickup and delivery. A Center of Excellence will become your biggest ally and a growing partner, which will help you to optimize your supply chain, bring savings to your logistic spend, and identify all sort of improvements in your performance.




    At GEODIS SCO, we embrace the culture of excellence and it is part of all our operations. We are always willing to provide a great customer experience, going beyond your expectations to bring results to your company. This effort is recognized by our clients all over the globe.


    With GEODIS SCO, the orchestra plays the symphony while you enjoy the concert.


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    Marija Stamenic

    Written by Marija Stamenic

    Marija is part of the Business Development Support Team for GEODIS | SCO in the EMEA region. With 8 years of experience in the sales department, she provides an insight of market development in supply chain area. For the last three years she's been a key part of this fast growing team developing success for their clients, located in the EMEA Centre of Excellence in Belgrade, Serbia.

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