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    Marion Arav Durand

    Marion graduated with a Logistics and Transport degree and has more than 15 years of Aerospace & Defense and contract logistics experience in several sectors. Before joining GEODIS in 2015, she started her aerospace career at Airbus Helicopter in France, Hong Kong and China. In addition she devoted her time to a consulting firm specialized in the end-to-end flow performance improvement in France. Marion is now a Corporate Global Account Manager for our Aerospace and Defense industry. Her mission is to investigate new solutions to provide innovative and applicable services for the industrial, airline and commercial aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) market.

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    How to Accelerate the Flow in Aerospace and Defense

    Apr 2, 2018 5:40:51 PM / by Marion Arav Durand posted in aerospace, defense, logistics, optimize, supply chain, visibility, space optimization, extended visibility, lead time reduction


    Aerospace and Defense companies face many challenges in today’s market. The struggle to increase manufacturing capacities while decreasing carbon footprint, resources, and assets is a real challenge. In order to increase manufacturing and assembly line capabilities and speed, the market needs to adapt and accelerate the overall supply chain flow.

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