8 Things to Expect With a White Glove Delivery Service

    Feb 11, 2019 11:46:38 AM / by Nicholas FERGUSON

    Why White Glove?

    Many people have a misunderstanding about what “White Glove Delivery Service" is, but the terminology is very important in the logistics industry and in understanding what the service involves. A general consumer will typically ask, does the delivery team actually wear white gloves? You may have seen this in the movies, literature and television when someone, for example, is handling evidence at a crime scene. When people wear white gloves, it is generally to exercise caution and provide protection. These scenarios are a useful way to think about white glove delivery as well. White glove services involve carrying out the delivery process with extra special care.

    What can you expect?

    1. It Will Be Handled with Added Care

    Attention to detail is critical for white glove deliveries along with the added care that needs to be met. The shipments can be in specialty padded vehicles or climate controlled trailers, using tie downs, blankets, load straps, and power lift gates to properly handle delicate shipments safely.

    2. Customer Service

    Every customer should recognize when they have received this premium delivery service. If they have not noticed the difference between a white glove delivery vs normal delivery service, then we must challenge the service being offered. 

    3. No Stress

    At every stage of the delivery process the customer should experience minimal stress, if any. This includes everything from before the shipment is loaded onto the truck to the final delivery. Before delivery they receive a pre-call notification ensuring that the white glove professionals have an advanced notice of obstacles they could face during delivery.   

    4. Experienced Delivery Professionals

    This is the basic requirement of any delivery service. However, this is even more important when it comes to white glove service. Having experienced delivery professionals who are properly trained on the handling procedures for the specific product being delivered is a key component. Knowing the challenges that are ahead will ensure the customer has a flawless delivery. 

    5. Set Up and Installation

    White glove services do not stop at the doorstep. This service requires the delivery professionals to bring the shipment across the threshold of your home or business and place the item wherever is requested. Depending on the special instructions, the shipment can add the proper setup of the product for customers use and the removal of debris. 

    6. Reverse Logistics (Pick ups)

    This begins with a full product risk assessment which evaluates environmental factors such as climate, temperature, humidity, pick-up conditions, storage accommodations, mode of transport and destination requirements. Each of these are factored into determining the appropriate container and cushioning to prevent damage during transit.

    7. Removal of Any Packaging

    The customer should not have to dispose of any excess packaging from the delivery of the goods. Instead, the debris should always be taken away by the delivery service.

    8. Opportunity for Feedback

    No white glove service is complete without the feedback from the customer to continue to always deliver a perfect service.

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    Nicholas FERGUSON

    Written by Nicholas FERGUSON

    Nicholas is the Director for White Glove at GEODIS. In 2018, he joined GEODIS | SCO, with more than 13 years of experience in the Supply Chain industry, focused on White Glove Services. His career started with Racer Cartage & Logistics, where he led in becoming the largest White Glove provider in the State of Indiana. Nicholas also served 20+ years in the United States Navy.

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