10 Reasons to Use a Logistics Company for Trade Compliance

    Oct 17, 2018 10:56:12 AM / by François Xavier Lanne

    Researching companies to find one which best fit your business needs can be a long process which raises many questions. When the time comes to make a decision, you may still wonder about other options. Here are 10 reasons why choosing a Global Logistics company can benefit your business and help you grow all while meeting your compliance requirements and optimizing your costs. 

    10 Reasons to Use a Logistics Company for Trade Compliance

    1. It’s a Core Activity

    Customs and Trade Compliance Management are core to a logistics companies activities.

    2. Consulting is a Strategy

    Consulting and 4th party logistics (4PL) is an intentional strategy. It is a differentiated product where we have a strong history and have invested in trade compliance because of its value.

    3. Customer Focused

    Not all logistics companies are based on building the network, some instead act neutrally and improve customer supply chains. Collaborative agreements help invest in the partnership.

    4. Centralization

    Centers of Excellence (control towers) that are fully operational, are located in global competitive locations, have centric and consistent processes, and are focus on continuous improvement are dependable. They have extensive knowledge on the global trading network.

    5. Adaptability

    The willingness to accept characteristics like transparency in the supplier’s transactional rates, levels of variable pricing and alternative pricing models creates trust within the partnership.

    6. Credibility

    Implementation of different solutions in all areas of the 4PL scope and through all geographies solidifies that the solution is real, trusted and effective.

    7. Complete and Flexible Scope

    4PL companies offer a menu of services but finding one that builds solutions based on a specific customer’s needs can be difficult. It is necessary when it comes to trade compliance and understanding the customer's industry and trade network.

    8. Robust IT System

    They provide the capability to manage an entire end-to-end logistics process and connect the significant number of partners that exist within the supply chain into one system.

    9. Global Scale

    Find a logistics company that partners with different networks to cover all aspects of logistics services in most countries in the world. They understand the latest trade regulations throughout the entire world.

    10. Capacity

    A logistics company deals with large global companies and is not intimidated by a potential customer’s size or the complexity of their trading.

    Benefits of GEODIS Solutions

    GEODIS is an expert in consulting, supply chain outsourcing, and customs management and trade services. GEODIS creates a unique solution for their customers providing them with the Lead Logistics provider (LLP) experience. GEODIS offers full compliance and reversibility of the solution, increased visibility and cost control with vested partnership agreements. With 30+ years of customs brokerage and trade services experience in multiple industries and 50+ years of customs brokerage expertise, you can count on GEODIS for your trade compliance needs. GEODIS has a trade services group that was established 25 years ago as an internal and external consultant for import and export compliance, this team is run by a former president of the NCBFAA (National Customs Broker & Forwarder Association of America).

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    François Xavier Lanne

    Written by François Xavier Lanne

    Francois has been in the industry for 12 years working in several countries becoming fluent in 3 languages (English, French, Spanish). He graduated with his Masters in Supply Chain & Project Management from Sorbonne University in Paris. He joins the Supply Chain Optimization line of business with expertise of industry trends and GEODIS’ services. Francois is the Business Development Director with over 4 years of experience in sales. Francois specializes in supply chain solution design, implementation, global supply chain operations, optimization and decision support tools and the 4PL/LLP business models.

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