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The Website Publishing Manager: Helen JONES, Corporate Marketing and Communications Director at Supply Chain Optimization, one of GEODIS Line of Business.

The Website is hosted by:

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We have set out the terms under which we are providing you with access to our website. These include the terms and conditions that govern:

  • Your use of this website (“The Terms of use”)
  • How we will use and protect information about You (“Privacy Policy”)
  • Our use of cookies on this website (“Cookies Policy”)

Collectively these documents are termed as the ‘Terms and conditions”.

“You” and “Your” or “User” means you as the user of our Website.

“Us” means GEODIS and its subsidiaries.

“Website” means 


 Compliance with the Terms and conditions

Any navigation, use and comments on the Website entails acknowledgement by Users of these Terms and conditions applicable to the Website.

The access to and use of this Website by the Users implies the full acceptance of our Terms and conditions.

1. Terms of use

  1. a. Use of the Website

The main purpose of the Website is to provide the latest news, stories and opinions on logistics in order to stay one step ahead of technology and supply chain trends with our exclusive insights.

To the fullest extent permissible by the French law, we exclude and disclaim all warranties, terms, conditions and representations that might otherwise be implied by law in relation to this website. In particular we do not represent or warrant that this Website will be error-free, free of viruses or other harmful components, or that defects will be corrected. The User must take his own precautions in this respect. We shall not be liable, under these Terms and conditions for any indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages.

All the elements making up the Website including, but not restricted to, the texts, photographs, logos, graphic themes, illustrations, icons, animations and databases (hereinafter referred to as the “Elements”), are the exclusive property of GEODIS or of third parties that have authorized GEODIS to use them, and are protected by the intellectual property law in force in France.

Only the GEODIS Group, or persons or entities that have received a specific usage authorization from GEODIS, are authorized to use the Elements making up and/or present on the Website.

The use of the Website does not imply the assignment of any intellectual and / or industrial property right over this Website and / or the Elements. Therefore, it is expressly prohibited for the User to remove any copyright or other proprietary notices contained in the Elements. Furthermore, any reproduction, display, dissemination, extraction, modification and/or exploitation, in its entirety or in part, by any process whatsoever and on any medium whatsoever, without GEODIS’ prior consent, is strictly prohibited, and constitutes a copyright infringement offence sanctioned by the French Intellectual Property Code.

By navigating the Website, the User agrees to comply with the provisions of French law. Any matter or dispute arising in connection with this Terms and conditions shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Paris (France).

The User shall access and use this Website solely and exclusively under his own responsibility. In this regard, the User undertake not to use this Website for fraudulent purposes, not damaging through his conduct the image, interests or rights of GEODIS or third parties. In addition, the User undertakes not to carry out any act seeking to damage, render useless or overload this Website of that may impede, in any manner whatsoever, its normal use and operation.

The User is responsible for ensuring that all persons accessing our Website through his internet connection are aware of these Terms and conditions.

Should any of the provisions of these Terms and conditions be declared null, it shall be removed or replaced. In any case, such declaration of nullity shall not affect the rest of the provisions of the Terms and conditions.

b. Updating of the Site

Despite the care taken by GEODIS in publishing the Website, it is possible that it may contain typing errors or erroneous information. Any user may inform GEODIS of such errors via the email contact address, and they will be corrected at GEODIS’ sole discretion.

Moreover, the Website contains information and/or elements and/or services whose characteristics correspond to a definition given on a set date: namely the date on when they were put online or updated. Users of the Website are hereby reminded that this information and these elements are provided by GEODIS as a guide only and cannot therefore be considered as contractual.

GEODIS reserves the right to effect modifications, improvements, deletions and/or updates at any time, without advance notice, in respect of these Terms and conditions, the Site and/or the Elements. However, GEODIS cannot be held liable if the Site and/or its constituent Elements are not updated.

c.  Access to the Website

Users of the Website undertake to access the Website using recent virus-free equipment, and an updated latest generation browser.

GEODIS will endeavor to make the Website accessible to its Users at all times. However, GEODIS reserves the right to modify, suspend, restrict and/or interrupt access to all or part of the Website at any time without advance notice.

Under no circumstances can GEODIS be held liable for unavailability of the Website, regardless of the reason for this and/or its duration.

d.  Hyperlinks

Hyperlinks that may be present on the Website are provided by the GEODIS solely for the convenience of Users of the Website; they enable Users to leave this Website.

The websites or blogs to which the hyperlinks lead are in no case under the control of or have any direct link to GEODIS.

Consequently, in respect of websites to which the said hyperlinks lead, GEODIS cannot, in particular, be held liable for their access conditions, the services proposed on them, their content and/or elements stored on them, updates made to them, etc…

If you decide to use a link to go from our Website to another website, you do so at your own risk. Please remember that our Terms and conditions are no longer in effect and you should read the terms and conditions included in the other websites.

e.  Technologies used

This Website uses the following technologies:

From a software development standpoint, the HubSpot TOFU tools within the CMS (such as the blog engine and SEO tools) are written in C#, using the ASP.Net framework, running on IIS web servers, and using the SQL Server database. The MOFU marketing automation tools are developed in a mix of Python and Java, but mostly Java, and use MySQL and Apache, and run largely on Amazon EC2.

Application server-side code is largely Java with some C# and Python. Web servers are hosted primarily in Apache with Django for Python apps. The databases themselves are mostly MySQL but some CMS tools use SQL Server. HubSpot runs the CentOS operating system on its Amazon EC2 servers with Windows Server for C# application servers. Setup for new Amazon EC2 instances is done automatically via Puppet and a dedicated team called the “Q Team”, named after a James Bond character, creates, updates and maintains Puppet.

Some documents are available in PDF format. Certain illustrations and graphics on this site were created by GEODIS SCO employees using Adobe Suite.


 2.  Privacy policy

a.  Collected Data

In accordance with the French Data Protection Act no.78-17 of 6 January 1978, as amended by the Act of 6 August 2004, and with the Regulation on the protection of personal data 2016/679, GEODIS and its subsidiary companies (hereinafter the “GEODIS Group”) commit to take all the necessary measures to respect your privacy and protect Personal Data you are communicating, in order to keep them confidential.

The User is informed that the Personal Data processed under some of sections of the Website, such as the landing page and the Contact Form are the object of a computerized processing under the responsibility of the Publisher. The User is informed that GEODIS may transmit this Personal Data to any subsidiary of its Group. The processing of these Personal Datas has commercial purpose based on the User’s consent, in particular prospecting activities. These datas will be kept during 3 years in accordance with the purpose of the treatment.

The Personal Data that You may be led to communicate to Us online via the Website are: Your Name and Last name, e-mail address, Company name, Country and Job title.

The User is informed that the provision of your Personal Datas required in the Contact Form does not condition the use of the Website. A defect of answer will prevent the User from receiving a response to a potential request.

The User undertakes to communicate accurate information. Each User is fully responsible for his login data concerning him. Unless proved otherwise, any connection to the Website and or transmission of data made from the login information of the User, will be deemed to have been made by the latter.

b.  Personal Data transfer

The Personal Data that you may be led to communicate to us online are destined solely for use by persons authorized by the GEODIS Group, and will not be communicated to third parties.

However, we could be under obligation of communicating them to public authorities in order to comply with applicable laws and regulations.

The GEODIS Group operates worldwide. Your Personal Data could thus be sent for storage in countries in which the GEODIS Group operates, including countries whose legislation on the protection of personal data is different from that of the European Union. The GEODIS Group agrees that these transfers and the storage of your Personal Data shall occur in compliance with the Regulation on the protection of personal data 2016/679and in secure conditions to ensure the protection of your Personal Data.

c.  Data subject rights

In accordance with the Regulation on the protection of personal data 2016/679, GEODIS inform all Users of the Website that they are entitled to access, modify and delete information concerning them. The User is also entitled to request the provision of all his Personal Datas stored by GEODIS for portability purpose.

The User may also, for legitimate reasons, challenge the processing of his data.

Users may exercise their rights by writing to:

GEODIS SA, Espace Seine”

26 quai Charles Pasqua



Or by email at :


Please note that at any time, you can withdraw your consent by sending your request to



a.  What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small piece of data that website asks user’s browser to store on his computer or mobile device whenever user visit a website.

The cookie allows the Website to "remember" User’s actions or preferences over time.

Cookies can be "persistent" or "session" cookies:

  • session cookies are temporary cookies that are used to remember User during the course of his/her visit on website, and they expire when he/she closes the web browser
  • persistent cookies are used to remember user preferences within the website and remain on desktop or mobile device even after user close browser or restart computer/tablet. These cookies allow to analyze user’s behaviors to establish visit patterns, thanks that website administrator can improve website. These cookies also allow to serve user with targeted advertising and measure the effectiveness of site functionality and/or advertising.

Websites mainly use cookies to:

  • identify users
  • remember users' custom preferences
  • help user’s complete tasks without having to re‑enter information when browsing from one page to another or when visiting the site later


Cookies can also be used for online behavioral target advertising and to show adverts relevant to something that the user searched for in the past.

As for the domain to which it belongs, there are either:

  • first-party cookies which are set by the webserver of the visited page and share the same domain
  • third-party cookies stored by a different domain to the visited page's domain.

This can happen when the webpage references a file, such as JavaScript, located outside its domain.

As a part of the service improvement, Cookies may be installed by GEODIS on User’s computer. These are session cookies for authenticating and connecting a User as well as storing the navigation elements during session.

Other Cookies allowing to record preferences, chosen parameters as well as the pages previously consulted may also installed during the navigation on the Website.

The activation of these Cookies is not strictly necessary for the operation of the Website, but they allow to improve the performance of the navigation.

Users may however configure their computer as follows, in order to prevent cookies from being installed:

– In Internet Explorer: Select Internet Options from the Tools menu. Click on Privacy and select Block all Cookies. Validate by clicking OK.

– In Google Chrome: Select Settings. At the bottom of the page, click on Show Advanced Settings. In the “Privacy” section, click on Content settings and select Block all sites from storing information. Click OK to record.

– In Firefox: Select Options from the Tools menu. Select the Privacy panel. In the History area, select Use custom settings for history. Then set “Accept third-party cookies” to never. Click OK to close the “Options” window.






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